Dynaplak Group

Dynaplak is innovative Dutch developer and producer of modified starch based solutions for the industry. Our goal is to create new bio-based applications and bio-based alternatives for traditional petrochemical based products, that will perform just as good or even better.

The Dynaplak group consists of several companies, all having their own unique expertise and proposition. Within the group we draw upon the extensive experience of three generations of starch modification experts to develop and manufacture products across many industries.

Our products are made from sustainable plant based raw material. By utilizing plant based feedstock as the basis for our products we are able to deliver high tech, high quality bio-based solutions lowering carbon footprint of your products.

We believe change is needed within the industry and that we can support this change without the use of polluting and unhealthy petrochemical based products. By achieving our goals, one Bio-based solution at the time, we are contributing to the transition to a more sustainable, healthy and environmental friendly world.