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Introduction SymBio Resins

Dynaplak proudly introduces new line of bio-based resins branded SymBio. The products within the SymBio range are bio-based aqueous polymer dispersions based on our hybrid SymBio technology. Our SymBio technology, combining bio-based and synthetic building blocks result in high-tech resins with unique properties. The SymBio range of resins have various benefits over synthetic or fully […]

WACKER Cooperates with DYNAPLAK on Producing Sustainable Binders

Munich/Amsterdam, Dec 13, 2018 WACKER is to collaborate with Dynaplak, the Dutch manufacturer of biobased raw materials for agricultural and industrial applications. Together, the two companies want to develop hybrid binders based on starch and polymers. The first products for interior wall paints are scheduled for market launch in the first quarter of 2019. WACKER […]

DSM and Amulix to work together on bio-based seed coating solutions

Veendam/Amsterdam, June, 2018 Royal DSM, a global science company, and Amulix, a developer of starch-based solutions for agricultural and industrial applications and daughter company of Dynaplak, announced they will work together under the company name DSM-Amulix. DSM-Amulix will further develop high-perform­ing, bio-based coating solutions for agricultural starter material, under the brand name Amulix. The company […]